About REF

The Ringwood Educational Foundation was started in 1993 by former members of the Ringwood Board of Education. In 1999, a group of concerned, highly motivated Ringwood citizens resurrected the Foundation. Since then, the Foundation has supported a wide range of teacher projects, such as World Book On-Line, The Renaissance Faire, Incubators for Hatching Chicks, Handwriting Without Tears, Hands-On Science, Computer Laptops, and many more exciting programs throughout the Ringwood District.

The REF maintains a 15-20 member Board of Trustees volunteering their efforts to fundraising on behalf of the Ringwood School District. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that supplements existing curriculum within the Ringwood School system through teacher submitted grant requests.

Striving towards excellence, the mission of the Ringwood Educational Foundation is to enhance and enrich the public educational experience of all our students. Together with the community, we aim to keep our schools ready for tomorrow.

2018 - 2019 Board of Trustees

Jennifer Bozan ----- President
Erin Rod ------- Vice President
Megan Kincaid ------- Treasurer
Heath Fudge ---- Secretary

Megan Andriulli
Jenn Cioffoletti
Melissa Connor
Sarah Dale
Kim Dalton
Kasey Farris
Kristie Gaurdascione
Rachel Lehr
Heather Pearson
Jim Phillips
Joe Politano
Melissa Powers
Sarah Soslow
Julie Stack
Colleen Torre
Melissa Walker
Lisa White

Supporting Consultant

Dr. Nicholas Bernice
Superintendent of Schools

Former Trustees

Leslie Atamaniuk
Denise Benson
Janie Bennorth
Cathleen Boorse
Susan Calcagno
Lily Campadonico
Rhonda Carmosino
Jean Caughey
Mike Caughey
Chris Coiley
Mimi Coiley
Dennis Curnyn
Deb Dittemer
Lynne Dominianni
Patty Doxey
Erik Felton
Holly Fritzky
Rob Foreman
Margaret Gianfrancesco
Bruce Gibson

Sue Griffin
Kim Harnett
Beth Herina
Pete Herina
Luis R. Hernandez
Lisa Jenks
Donna Jonker
Barbara Kuhn
Maria Kwak
Joe Lehr
Kim LiDestri
Peter Martin
Tania Martin
Bill O'Hearn
Jim Ozello
Miguel Pagan
Jennifer Pelletier
Barbara Pepe
Sue Ranft
Julie Rettstatt

Wendy Rhoads
Fiona Rose
Paul Rothlauf
Betti Russo
Sue Salomone
Dee Scarnaty
Christine Schouten
Phil Selleroli
Michael Sicilian
Matt Siegel
Jean Speer
Linda Swedin
Suzanne Tanajewski
Caprina Tomlinson-Ouellette
Allan Van Eck
Maria Velasquez
J. Viola
Kelly Wogisch