Grant Application information for our 2019 grant cycle will be coming soon.

We encourage the participation of teachers and groups (subject area, grade level, etc.) in making proposals for projects or programs that are in keeping with the Foundation’s mission. It is not the intention of the Trustees to fund grants for items which are the direct responsibility of the Board of Education, such as text books, salaries, building construction or maintenance, changes to curriculum, etc. The entire Board of Trustees will review, discuss, and decide on all proposals. Grant approval or rejection will be advised in June of each year.

Grant Procedures

  1. Complete the Grant Application entirely and include a fully researched and competitively priced quote.
  2. Submit your Grant, signed by all participating parties and your principal, including any attachments, to the REF no later than the TBD grant deadline. Grants delivered to the school beyond that date will not be reviewed.
  3. Grants are typically reviewed in May and awarded in June.
  4. You will receive formal notification of your Grant Status in June.
  5. Grant recipients will be responsible for submitting all purchase orders to Deb Dittemer at the board office no later than November 30. After that date, the grant will expire and funding will be eliminated. If there are circumstances that prevent this, the REF must receive notification prior to the November 30 deadline.
  6. Grant recipients will be responsible for submitting a final report, or a sample of the product or program, to the Grants chairperson by March 1, 2020. If there are circumstances that preclude you from submitting a report by that date, please contact REF prior to the March 1 deadline.

Thank you! If you have any questions, email Jenn Bozan at